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Glowing Wellness Holistic Spa offers a unique and calm retreat in Naperville that focuses on holistic unique techniques. Options include a variety of relaxation, therapeutic and healing treatments for the mind, body and skin.

Empowering you by uniting your heart and soul with your body is the goal. Utilizing a holistic approach to skin, body, energy and mind will awaken your wellness. Utilizing an Organic skin care line from Hungary and 100% Therapeutic Essential Healing Oils exemplifies these results. 

"I want you to love your skin, body, energy and mind while growing your confidence. This is my way of giving back to you and make a difference in your life. Enabling you to reach your true potential, meaning and purpose in life while maintaining that life is beautiful!"

- Ali, Owner  

 Help Keep Everyone Safe:

Between every client, the room is disinfected to provide a safe and healthy environment.
In addition, 100% clean therapeutic oils with antibacterial properties

are diffused to help clean and purify the air. 

All payments are contactless and may be done through Zelle or Venmo. 
Assistance is available to help with the payment process and scheduling future services.

Available by Appointment Only



I  found this magical place online.  I don't take particularly great care of my skin. But a few years ago I discovered microderm abrasion. And I have had my share of random dermabrasion treatments. Some with great results, others not so much.  After finding Alena, I may never go anywhere else. It was an extremely relaxing experience.  She is extremely knowledgeable and I am EXTREMELY pleased.  No sensitivity, no redness, no discomfort whatsoever.  She takes her time to  tailor the session to you, it is not just a factory style session.  The only downside, she isn't living in my house.

Judy K

Ali was amazing! Never thought a brazilian would be an enjoyable experience. Ali made me feel comfortable the entire time. She explained everything from start to finish and uses amazing products. You can tell that she is passionate about her line of work and the products she uses. I will definitely go back to Ali for other treatments as well. True hidden gem!!!

Cesca G

Ali is absolutely incredible at what she does! She really knows what she is doing, and makes you feel as comfortable as you would want to feel while getting a Brazilian wax. Ali is very friendly and outgoing, making the experience as painless as possible. She is a perfectionist at her craft - leaving little room for any forgotten hairs, while making sure to remove any ingrown hairs in the skin. Ali really takes her time, and it is well worth it! My results turned out wonderful, and my wax left my skin smooth, and free of bumps/ingrown hairs. I will be returning to Ali for all of my future waxes!

Maddie R

We are located in South Naperville

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